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Although the Whisper Node already has a dual LDO, the build-in voltage regulator is designed to offer the best performance and energy efficiency up to 6V input.

This additional LDO is based on the 1117 chip. Providing 5V output, it may not be the most efficient regulator, but it can easily handle input voltages well over 12V.

The Kit is supplied with a Diodes AZ1117 in a SOT223 package, which is configured to output of 5V and up to 1A of current. The kit also includes the required 10uF 35V capacitors in 0805 SMD size.

The upgrade Kits are supplied with all required components. You just need some experience to solder the SMD parts to add some extra features to you Whisper Node. Check the board documentation for all details.

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AU$ 5.80

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