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This omni-directional antenna is the perfect upgrade for your base station. It also can be be used to have the signal at higher position on any node, help clearing any obstruction.

The antenna has a 3dBi gain and counts with a 1.5m cable length. The magnetic base can be glued or screwed for permanent mount.

Frequency Range:
  - 433MHz: 420-446Hz
  - 868MHz: 855-881MHz
  - 915MHz: 902-928MHz
Peak Gain: 3dBi
V.S.W.R: ≤2.0
Radiation: Omni
Polarization: Vertical
Maximum Input Power: 50W
Impedance: 50Ώ
Connector: SMA Male
Cable Type: RG-174, 1.5m
Dimension, including base:
  - Φ29×190mm (433MHz)
  - Φ29×95mm (868MHz)
  - Φ29x81mm (915MHz)

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US$ 5.27
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Using it on my base station

On my last project I needed to place all electronics inside a metal enclosure and this was the easiest way to get a good reception signal.