IoT is a game-changer

Imagine if your assets had eyes and ears, and could talk to you in real time. That's what IoT-driven remote monitoring offers. It involves collecting data from assets, and using that data to trigger automatic alerts and actions, such as remote diagnostics, maintenance requests, and other operational processes.
What used to be a manual, time-intensive procedure can now be dynamic, rapid, and automated. Now, assets located nearly anywhere can be monitored from afar. With live data from smart sensors and devices, organizations get better visibility into operational status, and can quickly, automatically respond to current conditions.


Wisen is specialist in building tailored solutions to sense and collect real-life data for your business. Sharing our expertise we help you identify relevant information and how to transform in real-life events in digital data
We provide mechanisms to convert raw numbers into important statistics to maximize your business and improve processes. Independent of you industry, we believe that measuring more you can do more and better.


Measuring and sensing is not enough, data needs to flow, ideally, in real-time. Independently if your data is being sourced from a factory, shop, farm or in the middle of the outback, our team will find an efficient and reliable way to transport the information.

Low-power is powerful

Before we can think about connectivity, a trustworthy source of energy to power sensors and devices is essential. For this reason we became experts in low-power solutions.
Understanding how difficult and expensive can be to provide maintenance on equipment located in remote or difficult access areas keep us motivated to always plan for self-diagnostic, monitoring and long life span.
Employing innovative energy harvesting techniques combined with very low power consumption allow devices to be deployed in more places at minimum ongoing costs.

Smart Automation

Automation needs to become alive and distributed to a level where processes can happen with minimum of interaction as possible.
Centralised data can be beneficial for analysis, but the same approach might no be ideal for all types of automation, especially in environments where communication and physical access are not trivial. Having the distributed automation as a design concept, we always strive to delivery more smart automation and less remote control.

End-to-End Capabilities

Wisen can provide solutions that go beyond sensing and collecting data. Working together we add value to raw bits and bytes, turning numbers into useful information and providing easy ways to visualise and making all available to the right audience in real time.