Although solutions can be fully customized to meet customer's requirements, using a development platform can significantly reduce cost and implementation time. Additionally, making use of a well established hardware framework offers indirect benefits like access to world-wide development communities and vast support.

A few platforms:


A proprietary framework with amazing low-power and interconnection capabilities, ideal for remote sensor and actuator nodes.

Raspberry Pi

Very popular micro-computer which can be deployed in replacement of a professional server, normally required to collect and forward data to the Internet.


A popular 8 bits micro-controllers produced by Atmel (now owned by Michochip), which offers easy development process, resulting in very low implementation costs.


This is the line of powerful 32 bits ARM micro-controllers produced by STMicroelectronics. Those MCUs are available at all sizes, speeds and features for any demanding application.


Stand-alone devices belong to the past. More and more often products and process are required to expose data, so the information can be used to improve quality, minimize costs and assist with decisions. Independent of the environment, connectivity is primary requirement of all Wisen solutions.
Below a few common link options normally implemented for embedded applications: 
  • LoRA and LoRAWAN
  • Sigfox
  • Sub-GHz and 2.4GHz FSK
  • CAN Bus

Cloud Solutions and Providers

More and more companies are thinking and implementing IoT. This movement has triggered the creation of many cloud services which can be used to build a complete solutions. Below a small list of a such provides, from easy to use dashboard builders to more complex platforms to manage IoT devices and Machine data.

IoT Network Operators

Data Aggregation and Dashboards

IoT Cloud Platforms for customized solutions