Terms & Conditions

We're a fair and reasonable business. Before proceed with your purchase please make sure you read, understand and agree with the conditions below:

1. All prices in this store are in AUD (Australian Dollar), but depending on your country, the prices might appear in a different currency for reference only. You can always change the currency in the "Cart" page to confirm the final price in Australian Dollar.

IMPORTANT: Independent of the currency selected, your order will be processed in AUD (Australian Dollar). If your credit card or PayPal is using a different currency, you might be subject to a different exchange rate, exchange fees and international transaction fees according to your bank institution.

If unsure, contact your bank or credit card issuer to understand which fees might incur before placing an order.

2. All orders are subject to approval. We reserve the right to cancel any order and issue a full refund at our discretion. Some circumstances, but not limited to, are common examples: incorrect item pricing or shipping cost; product out-of-stock; invalid buyer's details. In case of order cancellation you'll be contacted and a reason will be provided.

3. The products available on this on-line store are designed to be used for prototyping and development. The products are not designed to be used by end-consumers or non-technical person. We cannot guarantee any special functionalities apart from the individual components' specifications, provided by the parts' manufacturers. The buyer is also responsible to ensure the product will be used according to the local government regulations, specially for radio transmitter devices.

4. The delivery times presented on the website are just estimates and delays can occur. We'll do our best to keep track of your product while in transit. In case of DOA (dead-on-arrival) or significant damage to the package you're responsible to report in written to your local post and send us a copy, so we can take the necessary actions.

5. You agree with our Privacy and Refund/Cancellation Policy.

6. Finally: Talk to us! If any problem or question arise from a transaction, please talk to us first. If you're a reasonable person as we are, we'll find the solution.

Privacy Policy

We're a fair and reasonable business. Please read our privacy policy and make sure you read, understand and agree with the conditions below:

What information we collect?

We'll collect and store the details you entered to submit your order, including, but not limited to: full name; address; ordered product; etc. It's important to highlight that we do not collect payment details like Credit Card numbers. All the payment is processed by third-party payment gateways like PayPal. When placing an order, please make sure you also read and agree with the terms from the payment provider as well.

How we use the collected information?

We use the collected details to process your order and keep in contact with you. We also will use the collected data to produce usage statistics.

How do we share the collected information?

As expected we need to share some of your details with other companies, for instance, Australian Post or any other relevant business, required to process your order.