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A real ultra-low power LoRa development board based on the popular Atmel AVR ATMega328p - Arduino compatible. Thanks to the highly efficient MCP16251 Step-up Switching regulator, this board can be powered with little as 0.9V. In other words, you can run it on a single Alkaline Cell until the battery is totally dry.

Alternatively, you could connect a 5V power supply, like a USB charger, and take advantage of the ultra-low quiescent current MCP1700 LDO regulator, capable of 250mA, providing more flexibility while developing or running hunger projects. The board also counts with a smart voltage monitor, which will automatically switch from a power supply to the battery in case of power-loss or vice-versa. Alternatively, you could use a Li-Po cell, and the board will decide to use the LDO or the Step-up regulator based on the cell voltage to maximise the running time on a single charge.

As standard, this board comes with an RFM69HW Sub-GHz RF module (Semtech SX1231H), giving you wireless connectivity out of the box! The RFM69 is a very popular FSK/OOK radio, proven to offer excellent cost/benefit for any project requiring RF communication at low-power.

Finally, a W25X40CL 4MBit SPI Flash is attached to the PCB, giving you plenty of storage and option for remote firmware upgrade over-the-air. You get all this running on a board that consumes around 6µA in sleep mode when powered by a 3V source, like two Alkaline cells.

The Whisper Node board ships with all headers (un-soldered) and external 1.5dBi (± 0.7 dBi) PCB antenna with a u.FL connector, matching the radio frequency. The small PCB antenna provides an excellent balance between performance and size.

Moreover, the board can be easily upgraded to fit an SMA antenna connector, a temperature compensated real-time clock, a CR2032 battery holder or a high-capacity LDO, making the board an ideal as a low-power remote node or as a sturdy base station.

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AU$ 33.90

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Very nice Node.

Very good product, Small, and the quality is perfect. Do a lot with mini boards and it fits well with that. Easy to program and the battery lasts a long time with sleep code.

SigFox Version Please...

Can you please make a SigFox version...? It so much cheaper to run than LoRA.

Great little products

I've purchased both the 0.3 and now the 1.0 versions of this board. These have been great little boards, simple to use/program and with decent sleep code put in, very good on battery life!


I think a best processor choice would be "ATSAMD21G18". Very little current draw and too many pins.

Need a "mega" version please

Great range, excellent low-power features but would be great to get this board with more pins. Maybe using a bigger MCU would be better if the board size and power consumption can be preserved.

Full of features

From small details like the built-in voltage monitors to the multiple power supplies, including the high-quality assemble and components used. Great documentation and pos-sales support as well.

Great little board

Very happy with the board, it's a high quality product. I can do development, prototyping and even use on my final products. Thanks to the size and features I was able to use this board for a few complex projects, saving me the trouble of building my own custom PCBs.