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A real ultra-low power board based on the popular Atmel AVR ATMega328p - Arduino compatible. Thanks to the highly efficient MCP16251 Step-up Switching regulator, this board can be powered with little as 0.9V. In other words, you can run it on a single Alkaline Cell until the battery is totally dry.

Alternatively you could connect a 5V power supply, like an USB charger, and take advantage of the dual 300mA LDO regulator, providing additional flexibility while developing or running hunger projects. Having two independent 3.3V rails is a great solution to prevent other components from taking power of the core circuits.

As standard, this board comes with a RFM69W Sub-GHz RF module, giving you wireless connectivity out of the box! Finally a W25X40CL 4MBit SPI Flash is attached to the PCB, giving you plenty of storage and option for remote firmware upgrade over-the-air. You get all this running on a board that consumes around 6µA in sleep mode when powered by a 3V source, like two Alkaline cells.

The Whisper Node board is shipped with all headers (un-soldered) and an external 2.5dBi whip antenna with a SMA connector, matching the radio frequency.

Additionally the board can be easily upgraded to fit a temperature compensated real-time clock, a CR2032 battery holder or a high-capacity LDO, making the board a ideal as a low-power remote node or as a powerful base station.

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Need a "mega" version please

Great range, excellent low-power features but would be great to get this board with more pins. Maybe using a bigger MCU would be better if the board size and power consumption can be preserved.

Full of features

From small details like the built-in voltage monitors to the multiple power supplies, including the high-quality assemble and components used. Great documentation and pos-sales support as well.

Great little board

Very happy with the board, it's a high quality product. I can do development, prototyping and even use on my final products. Thanks to the size and features I was able to use this board for a few complex projects, saving me the trouble of building my own custom PCBs.